Maybank2u Details

For Maybank2u, please render your payment using the following steps:-

  1. Login into your Maybank2U
  2. Click "Utilities" and then "TAC Request"
  3. Click "Request TAC Now!" button
  4. Click "Funds Transfer"
  5. Click "Open 3rd Party Account" under 3rd Party & Own Account section
  6. Enter "162357237826" in "To Open 3rd Party Account" Field
  7. Enter "" in "3rd Party Email address"
  8. Enter the amount by referring your latest invoice
  9. Click Next and follow the Instruction given
  10. Print screen the receipt and send it to or fax it to 03 8024 9182

To print screen :-

  1. Press ALT+Prnt Scrn button when viewing the receipt
  2. Click start and select run
  3. Key in mspaint and press enter
  4. Press CTRL+V to paste the receipt
  5. Press CTRL+S and key in the file name and save as jpg in a folder you are familiar
  6. When sending email, attach the image file you saved in step 5.


Bank Name: Maybank
Acct Name : Amirul Alias Bin Ali
Acct Number : 1623 5723 7826

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