Quality Server & Datacenter

UltraUnix selects datacenters carefully; we only work with the top datacenters in order to deliver our promises. We know there are a lot of external factors that would affect our deliverables and by choosing top datacenters would minimize our external worries to a minimum. On top of that, we acknowledge the importance of quality servers as they are the raw material for hosting industry, therefore we would not compromise for sub-standard servers and datacenter.

Q: What are your servers’ specifications ?

A: 80% of our servers are on Dual Opteron or Xeon system with 4GB of RAM in order to ensure servers have sufficient resources in processing all your web requests even during peak hours.

Q: Where are your servers located in ?

A: We house all our servers in Equinix Datacenter in Ashburn, VA. Our datacenter manages multiple Gigabit capacity Tier-1 networks. We also have servers in Netmyne, Kuala Lumpur to host Malaysian customers.