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Spam issue

Posted on Thursday, May 21st, 2009 in Announcement | Comments Off on Spam issue

Recently, one of our server was being used to send out spam. The hacker got into the server through one of our client’s FTP account and uploaded the program to send out spam. After further investigation, we have identified the hacker’s IP address and the files that were uploaded. We strongly believe that the hacker interest was only to send unsolicited emails. Thus, leaving the server untouched. However, we do suggest that you to regularly change your account password, email password and update your applications (Eg: phpbb, wordpress, etc) to prevent this unwanted event.

Currently, we are tracing back all the emails that has been sent and remove them from our email queue in order to clean the IP’s reputation. However, you may still continue sending email as per normal as we have change the default IP address being use to send out your email temporarily. If you’re still having problem sending email out with error such as bad reputation IP, blacklisted IP and etc. Feel free to email to have it sorted out.