Company Profile

At the beginning, UltraUnix started by providing shell and MUD hosting services. However, as technology evolved, we saw the potential in web hosting and took the leap. Today, UltraUnix is able to retain 80% of its customer which most of them are with us since the beginning. We believe that we have achieved them through following statements that we kept close to our heart.

Mission Statement

UltraUnix is an internet services company with a mission that strives to comprehend technology and applies them for the benefit of our clients to fulfill their request with reliable, simple and affordable solutions.

Vision Statement

UltraUnix vision is to create and provide our client the whole ecology of online presents by capitalizing on technology with profound solution.

Value Statement

UltraUnix is committed with high standards of ethics and integrity. We carried out our decision and action base on honesty and dedication to our clients, providers, and ourselves. We are dedicated to our work with perfection in every task we do to achieve a reliable, simple and affordable solutions.