Personalized Service

We take everything to micro level by pampering you personally! You are no longer just-another-client; we want to know you by name, and help you in reaching your goals.

Q: By doing it in the micro level, does that means slower support ?

A: No, absolutely not. That is definitely not an option, UltraUnix strive in providing superior service. Our average ticket response time is under 35 minutes

Q: What if I failed to receive a response within 24 hours ?

A: That’s something that cannot possibly happen with us; However, if you have submitted a ticket via our support portal with a support ID, yet receive no response from us, we shall credit you with 10% of your hosting fee but cannot exceed 100% of the hosting fee for that give month.

Q: What if I was not treated courteously ?

A: That is absolutely unacceptable! Contact our management team through our support portal (email here!), with relevant proof. We will credit you with 1 month full service credit if found regretful. Please take note that this does not mean you can harass our consultants as we need to protect our consultants as well!!