Dedicated Server: Dual CPU AMD Opteron Dual Core

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We have a server laying off and ready to be taken. This high powered server is ideal for running dedicated database server on multi server setup. This method will off load the network congestion to another network card compared to sharing network card for internet and database connection that is sharing the load.

As the internet connection (visitors) utilize the network card, the database connection will also utilize the same card. When the total usage of both reaches the limit of the network card (eg: 100Mbps) you will start noticing the congestion. A solution to this issue is by using two network card that is connected to the internet (1) and another to the database server (2). This will offload the traffic from the first network card to the second and also benefit a higher connection speed (1000Mbps) as the server is equipped with. This method is also explain in vBulletin’s Forum.

Previously, the server was running a vBulletin forum with over 19 million post. We provided full managed service covering all areas such as operating system optimization and maintenance, MySQL optimization (database and configuration), PHP optimization and much more.

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Server Specification:

Process: Dual AMD Opteron Dual Core (2.8GHz)
Memory: 6GB DDR2 RAM
Uplink: 10Mbps
IP: 8 IP address (5 usable)
Extra: Private Switch (1000Mbps uplink)

Get this server for only USD558 per month and 50% discount on managed service when you add another server for multi server set-up. Contact us!

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