Money Back Guarantee

After so many guarantees and commitment that we have promised, if you think we are not on par to your expectation, irony to the common industry standard 30 days money back guarantee, UltraUnix goes further by offering 45 days! We are capable of doing so because we believe that we will be your last stop for hosting solution, and being the best provider ever!

Q: Is there absolutely no hidden cost ?

A: Yes, any standard service fee is eligible for full refund except for custom solution, UltraDedicated and external services purchased via UltraUnix

Q: Under what circumstances that I would not be eligible for refund ?

A: Any activity that violates our TOS would not be entitled for refund and no exception

Q: How do I request for refund ?

A: You may file a request for refund via our support portal with attention to sales/billing department.