Web Hosting Business Package


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Web hosting Business Package Features

Operating a website for your business requires stability and all time availability from the customer that visits your business website to your staff reading and sending email in their daily task. As we evolve through years of experience in the web hosting industry. We understand the requirement needed by businesses. Knowing these, we have created a business web hosting package with a solution to reduce or eliminate those issues.

Free Consultation. Running the business is already a huge task and running a website to make it work is another task that requires experience and time. Whenever you feel the need for consultation, feel free to contact us via helpdesk at no charges with our web hosting for business package.

Free Transfer from current hosting. Transferring your website from one hosting provider to another would require some downtime. Although its inevitable, we are able to minimize them up to couple of minutes depending on how big your website is. There’s no restriction on what kind of control panel your current hosting provider uses, just sit back and we’ll do the rest.

Personalized Service. For each client, we have assigned an Account Manager. Be it problem with email, how to increase traffic, how to promote your product or planning for your next online marketing plan. Your account manager will be there to assist you.

Privilege discount and tools. Over time, We will be adding new product into our portfolio and Business Web hosting users will be able to utilize it for free or at discounted price. Among the product that we are currently developing are mostly into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Networking and the tools to integrate and analyze them.

Multiple email server. By having multiple email server, you will never lost an email again. The system works by telling the recipient that you have multiple email server and either one of them will accept the email. The email will always be sent to your primary email server but if its unavailable the email will be sent to the backup email server. Once the primary server is available, the backup server will then send it to you.

Host multiple website. With a single account, you are allowed to host multiple domain. This is very useful especially when you are running a marketing campaign or maybe create a product specific website to boost its sale.

One click Installation. All of our server comes with a control panel. From here, you can install tons of open source program with a single click. It also notify you when new updates available and helps you through the upgrade process. If you bought an application, you can always ask us to install them for free.

Daily Backups. Data is critical and we perform daily backup of the whole account nightly. This backup includes your email, website, database and any files kept in your folder. We also keep a weekly and month snapshot of your account.